EEE: Peeverted

Eager, Enthusiastic & Excited: Peeverted [Also known as Piss Orgy]

Starring: Linda Lovelace, Chris Jordan, Eric Edwards

Audio: Silent

Released: 1971

This is one of the early loops Linda Lovelace made before she shot to fame with Deep Throat in 1972. It also stars Eric Edwards (who appeared in most of Linda's early loops) and his then wife, Chris Jordan. The name of the distributor was found on the web after a lot of searching, but I have never seen a box cover for this loop, so don't take it as gospel. I have also never been able to find a complete version of this loop, so this is basically two incomplete loops merged into one with the audio removed. The quality of the two sources differed, so it's easy to spot the shift. The two original incomplete versions can be found on these two releases:

Linda and Chuck on set
In 1980 Linda Lovelace would ghost-write her second memoire, Ordeal. In it she disowned her porn past and accused her ex-husband, Chuck Traynor (who by then was married to Marilyn Chambers) of coercion and threatening behaviour. No one else involved seemed to remember events quite the same way as Linda, but it made a great story and Linda became the face of the anti-porn feminist movement in the early 1980s.

In Ordeal she recalled shooting this loop: "I wound up making a half-dozen of the eight-millimeter movies with Rob [Eric Edwards], including some with his wife, Kathy [Chris Jordan]. .. he was adorable - tall and blond and cute... Bob Wolf referred to one of our eight-millimeter epics as 'the piss movie'... This kind of stuff didn't bother Rob and Kathy too much. They had made so many eight-millimeter movies, both with each other and with other people, that life held no surprises for them... I cannot understand being married and having a nice apartment and going out every day to make porno films. I cannot comprehend that."

Linda and Eric on set
Fred Lincoln, who worked with Linda from behind the camera,would later recall: "I used to have to chase Linda Boreman, or Linda Traynor, whatever she was calling herself, away from me on the set. She was a pain in the ass. She would just get down between my legs and try to open my fly. And I'd say, 'I gotta work!'"

Eric Edwards later recalled: "The girl was Linda Lovelace, only she wasn't Linda Lovelace yet - she was just Linda Traynor, Chuck's wife... I think it was Linda who called me and said, 'Hey, I got a new guy, Bob Wolf, that's doing stuff. Let's do another scene.' Linda liked working with me. Or fucking me, I should say. She liked the idea of me being able to perform....I always felt that Linda was enjoying everything that she did in front of the camera. I never had the feeling that she was not enjoying herself... Linda just seemed to me like a hippie, free-love chick, you know? She had the headband, beads, the whole thing. Free love was all around."


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