LB308: Ky-Sen - The Vietnamese

Lasse Braun #308: Ky-Sen - The Vietnamese 

Starring: Ky-Sen

Audio: Silent

Released: 1970

This is the second of three loops that make up Lasse Braun's Nymphomania series - I've already posted the first one, Delphia - The Greek. They were all filmed in Sweden and Denmark in 1970, and according to Lasse they were the most financially successful loops he ever shot. "I especially looked for taboos!" he later said in his final interview. "In Ky-Sen - The Vietnamese, we showed the first erotic pissing scene."

I've simply called the oriental model "Ky-Sen". She's appeared in a few other loops - mainly connected to the Lasse Braun label. I've no idea who the blonde woman is (some have claimed it's Sigrun Theil, but I'm not convinced).

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