The Sex Servants: The Egyptian Princess 2

The Sex Servants: The Egyptian Princess Part 2

Starring: Annette Haven, Desiree West

Audio: Silent

Also released as OZ Classics #16 - Cleopatra & The Black Tongue.


  1. Anonymous13 July, 2014

    Dear Retro Loops,
    I wish to inform you that the movie Sexsation (1984) contains into the fisrst scene part of this loop, with these particularities:
    1) the quality appears to be, strangely, much better in Sexsation than into the original loop.
    2) the audio is present and we can hear our beloved goddess Annette speaking and answering at an invisible interviewer.
    3) I some close shots Annette speaks towards the camera with two beautiful blue eyes and it is not possible to avoid to falling in love.
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks Emmerildo.

      I've got that movie and you're right , it does have audio and extra footage that wasn't included in the 8mm version. But unfortunately the loop is no where near complete. I'm sure that out there, somewhere, someone has a perfect copy - but I don't. This is the best version of the complete loop that I have seen.

      And yes, Annette Haven is stunning!


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