Profile: Fawn Faurote

Aka: Danilo Fairbanks, Billie, Kelly Brier, Loretta, Heidi

Date of Birth: 1950

Place of Birth: USA

Porn Debut: 1972

I don't really know much about Fawn Faurote. She modelled for a number of LA magazines between 1972-1974 and made at least four adult loops. But other than that she's a mystery. One of the many women that appeared briefly in early 1970s porn and then vanished without a trace!


  1. Anonymous21 June, 2013

    If anyone knows what happened to Fawn or where she is, please post it. She would make a lot of money at a Nostalgia show.

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2013

    I know she grew up in Minneapolis.

    1. How do you know? Anything else you can tell us?


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