M65 & M66

Profile: Valerie Clark

Real Name: Valerie Rae Clark

Date of Birth: 22/07/1955

Place of Birth: California, USA

Porn Debut: 1977

Profile: Andrea True

Aka: Inger Kissen, Louis Grimes, Ida King, Catherine Warren

Real Name: Andrea Marie Truden

Date of Birth: 26/07/1943

Place of Birth: Tennesse, USA

Date of Death: 07/11/2011

Porn Debut: 1971

Profile: Diana Holt

Aka: Chris Hopkins

Place of Birth: USA

Porn Debut: 1979

Profile: Cody Nicole

Aka: Roxanne Potts, Codine Da'Cote

Place of Birth: USA

Porn Debut: 1979

Profile: Catherine Ringer

Aka: Cat' Gerin, Betty Davis, Lolita Da Nova, Claudia Mutti, Yvette Lemercier

Real Name: Catherine Ringer

Date of Birth: 15/10/1957

Place of Birth: Suresnes, France

Porn Debut: 1976

Profile: Tova

Aka: Mrs Jensen, Karen, Vivi

Place of Birth: Denmark

Porn Debut: 1969

Apparently the mother of Tiny Tove

Club 19: Maria's Anal Desires

Biographies & Profiles

I've updated the Biographies & Profiles page by adding Georgina Spelvin, Ginger Lynn, Leslie Bovee and Linda Wong.

I've also expanded it to include porn stars not normally covered by this blog: Anita Dark, Cicciolina, Lea Martini and Nici Sterling. No clips will be posted of these women as they haven't appeared in any loops, but I figured I'd written the bios, so I might as well share them. I'll be adding more once they're finished... Amber Lynn, Hyapatia Lee and Moana Pozzi will probably be next.

All biographies are unofficial. They are based on my own research using existing publications and interviews. I'm sure they contain mistakes but this isn't an academic exercise. The point is to present these porn stars with a human face and let you know a little bit about who they may, or may not have been. If there are any really obvious mistakes though, just let me know.

You can now download all biographies in PDF format. The password as always is gfox.

Starlight: Josefine Mutzenbacher… wie sie wirklich war

Die verlorene Unschuld Die unersättliche Josefine Sündhafte Liebe Frivole Spiele

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