Profile: Tova

Aka: Mrs Jensen, Karen, Vivi

Place of Birth: Denmark

Porn Debut: 1969

Apparently the mother of Tiny Tove

There are a lot of stories going around about Tova, none of which can be confirmed. Some sources say that she was Swedish, others that she was Danish. Apparently she started working as a stripper in Copenhagen during the late 1960s and quickly moved on to live sex shows. In 1969 pornography was legalised in Denmark and nothing appeared out-of-bounds. Bodil Joensen made a name for herself around this time by having sex with animals, and according to one source Tova followed the same path by having sex with a donkey on stage!

Tova's claim to fame, however, is that she is the mother of porn actress Tiny Tove, who became the pin-up for Color Climax during the late 1970s. According to rumour, Tiny Tove had a pretty liberal sexual upbringing and would often watch her mother strip on stage. Meanwhile Tova, who apparently had a voracious sexual appetite, thought nothing of including her teenage daughter in various threesomes.

Tiny Tove & Tova
Tova eventually convinced her daughter that being a porn actress was a great career choice and persuaded her to try it out. Tiny Tove of course became an instant success and from 1978-1981 went on to appear in over a dozen loops and hardcore photo-shoots. One of these loops was called Group Sex (also released as Cock Rock) and starred both Tova and Tiny Tove in a foursome where they spend as much time playing with each other as they do with the two men. It's pretty good and the ultimate mother-daughter porn loop (if of course they even are mother and daughter). I'll post it at a later date.

Tiny Tove appears to have had a change of heart around 1981, deciding that porn wasn't really for her. Some say this led to a falling-out between mother and daughter. Whatever the case, Tova continued in the porn industry until about 1983, when her health and physical appearance deteriorated and she faded from view. I’ve no idea what happened to Tova after that, or if she even is the mother of Tiny Tove, but it makes for an interesting story.

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