Profile: Jenny Baxter

Aka: Mimi Dauche, Bonnie Clatch, Renee Verlaine, Randa Lee, Helen Bubbles, Karen Regis

Real Name: Janice Beaver (according to Gloria Leonard)

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Date of Birth: 18/03/1948

Porn Debut: 1974


  1. Anonymous11 May, 2013

    I didn't know she has still been practcing law...Lo! Wish I could catch her current picture as an attorney as well as her impressive movie "The Honey Cup" (1975).....

  2. Jenny Wexler wasn't "Jenny Baxter's" real name. It was the real name of Clea Carson, who co-starred in several movies with Jenny Baxter and were no doubt mixed up with the often horrible crediting many of the movies had back then. She also used different names for almost every movie she did, which didn't help either.

    She did in fact become a lawyer and funded her education by doing porn and dancing. She apparently wants nothing to do with this part of her past as she hasn't responded to people who have contacted her to discuss her porn career.

    1. Very intriguing article! Thanks....that explains that although I tried finding her "real name" within the list of attorney names, I couldn't possibly find it...

    2. Is anyone who can tells her real name?

  3. Another great movie with Jenny Baxter is Executive Secretary where she stars with C.J. Laing and Gloria Leonard. No plot to speak of but some hot scenes... Jenny B had great legs and I love her miniskirt in this flick. :)

  4. Anonymous25 July, 2015

    I'd rather not give her real name, but I can give you updates on her. She is currently 67 years old (however could pass for in her 50s and is not much heavier than in her porn days, but bustier, still looks good), she retired from being a lawyer earlier this year and also married.

    Be happy for her as she is one who has had a good life after porn. Sadly enough for many it never worked out that way for them. :(

  5. Great post! Thanks a bunch! Also her birthday Mar.18th.


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