Profile: Lenora Bruce

Aka: Eleoner Liquore, Eleonore Liquore

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Porn Debut: 1981

Bad Girls: Anna Ventura, Lenora Bruce,
Pia Snow & Victoria Knoll
I don't know much about this girl. Lenora  was only around for a couple of years in the early 1980s, which is a shame as she had a wonderful smile and body. Like most girls at the time, she began with nude modelling and eventually drifted into hardcore.

"At first I said, 'Never!' But gradually I worked my way up to doing it. And then, at first, I went a little zane-o. I hated myself. I felt exploited... It transforms you. You become this Sex Goddess until you get home and whipe all that gook off. Then you realise you're just an ordinary girl-next-door. But it gets you believing that every time you go out in public, every guy wants to fuck you and you have to put on this unattainable-goddess act. You feel that you have to live up to your in-front-of-the-camera image. It was hard for me at first." 

Lenora never really felt comfortable making porn - "It's all too explicit, and there's not enough foreplay." She eventually made a couple of movies and a handful of loops before drifting away from the scene.

The highpoint of her short career is probably her first movie, Bad Girls (1981) in which she has a sizzling scene with John Leslie."I was so shy when I made Bad Girls that we had to clear the set before I fucked John."

I have a couple of her loops that I'll post later on, including the excellent Golden Girls #12: The Service Man, in which the innocent-looking Lenora gets thoroughly fucked by Ron Jeremy!

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