PF-5A6: Piss World 1

Professional Film #PF/5A6: Piss World 1 

Starring: Gina Janssen

Audio: German


  1. Thank you for your recent reply to my concern over the loss of Sweedish Erotic loops being taken down by Rapidshare. I was hoping you might be able to help. When I was younger, I saw a SE magazine with a beautiful blond with curly hair that was not one of the regulars in the loops. She was voluptuous and had the bluest of eyes. A beautiful blond bombshell. I think she was seducing a plumber. I had the biggest crush on her. I remember she was wearing a light blue scarf. Would you happen to have any old mags that have that photoshoot? It must have been in the late 70's early 80's. (Also anything with Danielle Martin would be appreciated.) Thanks for your help

  2. PS I found the name it was issue 309 lady plumber!

    1. Hi Rob. I'm afraid you've got me with this one. SE309 was released in 1979 and stars Eric Stein but I've no idea who the two ladies are. It's also one of the few SE loops missing from my collection so I can't upload it either.

      Danielle is a favourite of mine as well (what an ass!) but she didn't make many loops. I've already posted two and I think I have a couple more. I'll upload them in the near future.

    2. Darn- You wouldn't by any chance happen to have photos of the magazine would you? Lady Plumber was definitely the title.

      PS Thanks for sharing your awesome collection with us!


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