Profile: Anne Magle

Aka: Anne von Lindberger, Anne Anderson, Anna Karenya

Real Name: Anne Maglegaard

Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of Birth: 1959

Porn Debut: 1974

Nationality: Danish
Film Career: 1975-1978

  • Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens Tegn (1977) 
  • Heisse Feigen (1978) 
  • Hot Cookies (1977) 
  • I løvens tegn (1976)
  • Kärleksvirveln (1977)
  • Molly (1977)


Anne Magle
Anne Magle is one of the most iconic and attractive Scandinavian women to appear in porn during the late 1970s. Very little is known of her early years, although according to director Howard Ziehm, she was born in 1959. This cannot be confirmed, but as with the French porn actress Marilyn Jess, Anne’s youthful looks meant that whatever her real age at the time, she was constantly cast in teenage roles.

Anna was still in high school when she began nude modelling in 1974. She quickly moved on to hardcore photo shoots and by 1975 had appeared in her first 8mm porn loop. Her early loops were for Danish companies such as Color Climax and Diplomat. The age of consent in Denmark was, and still is 15. It appears that this, combined with loopholes in Danish law meant that the use of models under the age of 18 was perfectly legal. The law was changed in 1980 and finally tightened in 2003. Nevertheless, all her early loops and magazine layouts, although rare, can still be legally purchased in sex shops across Europe. [...]

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