Profile: Ginger Lynn

Real Name: Ginger Lynn Allen
Date of Birth: 14/12/1962
Place of Birth: Illinois, USA
Porn Debut: 1983

Nationality: American
Height: 5'4" / 1,63m
Measurements: 34B-24-34 / 87-65-87
Film Career: 1984-1986, 1999-

  • Ball Busters (1985)
  • Jailhouse Girls (1984)
  • New Age Hookers (1985)
  • Pleasure Hunt (1984)
  • Sunset Stripped (2002)
  • Taboo 4 (1985))
  • Ten Little Maidens (1985)
  • Those Young Girls (1984)
  • Too Good to Be True (1984)
  • Trashy Lady (1985)


Ginger Lynn
Ginger Lynn was born Ginger Lynn Allen on 14 December 1962, in Rockford, Illinois. Her background was described in a 1991 criminologist report as “typically ‘working class’… neither of her parents had any education beyond high school, and neither has ever held employment beyond ‘blue collar’ level.”

The report continues: “Ginger’s mother, Marilyn, was born in Tennessee, the illegitimate child of a prostitute. Marilyn was adopted by the family of the putative father, who was the son of a Baptist minister…. Ginger’s father, Wayne Allen, was the son of a Rockford police officer. Wayne was an alcoholic, a ‘blue collar brawler sort of guy’, and a woman chaser. He was apparently highly intelligent, extremely volatile, and largely irresponsible.”

Marilyn had become pregnant with Ginger when she was 18 as a way of escaping her claustrophobic religious family life. Wayne was 17 at the time and in the Air Force, but reluctantly agreed to get married.  He eventually became a mechanic while her mother worked as a switchboard operator. According to Ginger, her mother continued to live “by religious doctrine”. The criminologist reports concludes that: “from all accounts, family dynamics in the Allen household ranged from dysfunctional to pathological.” [...]

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