Profile: Virginia Winter

Aka: Susan Strong, Monica Wells, Connie Burbett, Victoria Winter
Real Name: Debbie Jones
Date of Birth: 1956
Place of Birth: Arizona, USA
Porn Debut: 1975

Nationality: American
Film Career: 1975-1978

  • All The Senator's Girls (1977)
  • Liberation of Honeydoll Jones (1977)
  • Teenage Fantasies 2 (1977)
  • Velvet Hustle (1975)

Virginia Winter
Virginia Winter must be one of the most elusive US porn stars of the mid-1970s. Very little is known about her. As far as I can tell she started nude modelling in 1975 for magazines such as Adam, Club, Mayfair and Men Only. This quickly led to her appearing in 8mm adult loops, often alongside Rene Bond, before she eventually moved on to films and then vanished from the scene altogether around 1978.

The fact that she briefly passed through porn and disappeared is hardly unusual for women in the 1970s. Many saw porn as a way to make a few bucks and then get on with their lives. But Virginia Winter was quite high profile at the time, and although she made few feature films, she was prolific when it came to loops.

The high point of her short movie career is undoubtedly The Liberation of Honeydoll Jones (1977), in which she plays the lead. It also stars the gorgeous Candida Royalle and Tracy O'Neil. Directed by Carlos DeSantos, this story of two redneck hillbilly families is well-shot, erotic and even funny. It includes incest (Candida giving her daddy a blow-job), car chases and lots of fucking! Definitely worth hunting down.

Despite her brief stay in pornland, Virginia remains one of the most curvaceous and sexy women to fuck on film in the mid-1970s. If anyone knows what happened to her, drop me a line.
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