Profile: Brigitte Maier

Aka: Brigitte Meyer, Bridgette Bleu, Carol Slecht, Brandy Blue, Raye Turner
Real Name: Brigitte Maier
Date of Birth: 07/08/1952
Place of Birth: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Porn Debut: 1971

Nationality: American
Height: 5'6" / 1,68m
Film Career: 1971-1976

  • Justine och Juliette (1975)
  • The Landlord (1974)
  • Love Lies Waiting (1974)
  • Marriage and Other 4 Letter Words (1974)
  • Mob Job (1974)
  • Penetration (1974)
  • Porr i skandalskolan (1974
  • Refinements in Love (1971)
  • The True Way (1975)
  • Sensations (1975)


Brigitte Maier
Brigitte Maier was born in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany on 7 August 1952. Her father was Austrian, while her mother originally came from Yugoslavia. In 1956 the family immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois. Brigitte had a conservative childhood, eventually attending a Catholic all-girls school. Determined to escape what she saw as a mundane middle-class lifestyle, Brigitte relocated to Los Angeles when she was 19. “I got off the plane and wow, man; I was in love with the place. It’s not cold like Chicago.” 

Once in Los Angeles Brigitte worked in a number of dead-end jobs in order to support herself. “I worked here and there, and finally got a job as a topless dancer, and then I made some little films.” These little films were 8mm porno loops, some of which would later appear in films such as Refinements of Love (1971) and Fulfillment (1973). 

Brigitte was extremely attractive, and insatiable when it came to sex: “Getting eaten is a great, great pleasure. A tongue can do so many things. But what’s really marvellous is being fucked at the same time I’m giving head to a guy.” [...]
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