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Place of Birth: Florida, USA

Porn Debut: 1976

Place of Birth: Florida, USA

Porn Debut: 1975

Brooke and Taylor Young were originally from Florida and according to director Carter Stevens, “They had both been stewardesses for a couple of rinky-dink southern airlines and had been laid off. Actually I think they might have been fired because they were so flaky.” From 1976-1978 the two sisters appeared in a number of loops and four full-length movies. Despite the fact that neither could act they were attractive and the novelty of twin sisters having sex together meant that they became an immediate hit with audiences.

Taylor Young entered the porn industry first with a bit part in the movie Fanny (1975). However, it’s not really clear how both twins ended up in front of the camera together. According to director Shaun Costello, “Steve Tucker and a sleazy friend of his named Sandy Reis drove down to Miami to persuade girls to have sex with them by telling them lies – these guys were serious sleazoids. On the way back to New York City they pull in to a rest stop on the Sunshine State Parkway, which was then the favoured north/south route on the east cost of Florida. Steve calls me collect from the rest stop. ‘You're not going to believe what I found’, he says. ‘Twins… adorable and very young! Sandy’s fucking them in the car right now, out in the parking lot. I told them I produced porno movies and I would make them stars. They’re flat broke. If I bring them back will you use them?’ Well, who was I to say no? They turned out to be totally adorable, nothing like them before or since.”

Carter Stevens recalls things differently. “[Shaun Costello] seems to remember discovering the Twins when my film Teenage Twins (1976) was the first time they ever worked on screen together. One of the sisters had done porn but I’m the one who found out she had a twin sister and managed to get them both on film for the first time… We had just put Rollerbabies (1976) in the can and were cutting it and we were pretty burned out when Annie Sprinkle introduced me to one of the twins at another porn shoot we were all on. In talking to her I found out she had a twin sister and I asked if the sister might be interested in doing porn too… I met the sister and she said she might be interested. I called my distributor in Detroit and told him I needed money right away to make another film. He balked as I hadn’t finished Rollerbabies yet but when I said I have a set of Twins his wallet dropped open faster than his mouth.”

One thing that both Shaun and Carter agreed on was that their drug consumption made the two sisters hard to work with. Shaun Costello recalls: “The problem was that Steve [Tucker] had introduced them to Quaaludes, part of his seduction routine, and they were seriously stoned all the time. I forget the movie, but one of them fell asleep while giving me a blow job on camera... They were really cute, but nodding out on camera was not acceptable.” Carter Stevens remembers that “We all called them the Quaalude twins.”

But it wasn’t just the drug intake that made working with the twins hard work. According to Carter, “Sexually they were rather unschooled. They did not fool around with each other off-screen. It was strictly my idea to pair them up on-screen as I had never heard of it done in any movie before that… . It was a real challenge making Twins as neither girl knew crap about sex. I remember Mary Stuart sitting in my kitchen with a dildo trying to teach the girls how to give head. And I swear I’m not kidding when I say up until then they thought the term Blow Job was literal… Not only did Teenage Twins NOT cause me any legal hassles, it probably made more money than all my other films put together. It is far from my best work however… We cobbled together a script in no time and within two weeks we shot Teenage Twins. It was shot in one long three day weekend. We saved money by renting the camera equipment for a Friday and it didn't have to be returned until Monday morning, all for one day's rental fee. So we shot most of our films in three day (pardon the expression) spurts. The kitchen and dining room shots were done in my real kitchen and dining room. The rest was shot in my studio on sets… I do remember Eric Edwards coming up to me during shooting and telling me that he had a real problem. He had asked one of them to go out with him after the shoot and only after she had said ‘Yes’ did he realize that he had asked out the wrong twin.”

Despite its technical limitations, Teenage Twins is worth hunting down. Over the next couple of years the two sisters went on to make Sweet Cakes (1976) and Cherry Hustlers (1977), before ending their career with probably their best movie, the Carter Stevens directed Double Your Pleasure (1978). This showed the Young twins in wall-to-wall sex scenes that ended with a foursome with the male Hartman twins.

Carter Stevens would later recall, “When I found the male twins for Double Your Pleasure I had to fly down to Florida to get one of the female twins out of jail where she had been doing time for passing bad checks. In truth I think she had just gotten so stoned she had forgotten she had spent all her money and just kept writing checks long after the bank had closed the account.”

This unreliability is what killed the twins’ porn career. According to Shaun Costello, “Had it not been for the drugs, they could have parlayed their unique talents into some bucks. [They were] just too much trouble.”

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  1. Anonymous20 June, 2015

    Three films (4 if you count the one Brooke was in without her sister) and a couple of compilations. True legends and beautiful people. They should have been major stars!


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