LB307: Delphia - The Greek

Lasse Braun #307: Delphia - The Greek 

Starring: Delphia

Audio: Silent

Released: 1970

This is the first of three loops that make up Lasse Braun's Nymphomania series. They were all shot in Sweden and Denmark in 1970. I've simply called the model "Delphia" and as far as I know this is the only thing she ever appeared in.

In December 2014, two months before he died, Lasse Braun gave his final interview and recalled making the Nymphomania series.

"One film was called Delphia - The Greek. I met this beautiful Greek tourist, and she was happy to experiment, so we made a film with her that featured the first double penetration ever filmed in color... But it was about more than ‘what’ we were showing; it was about ‘how’ we were showing it. I spent a lot of time on clothes, makeup, close-ups, editing, and selecting the most attractive people. I spent a lot of money on each of them, and we sold them for a high price. I still think that they are my best work. Every one sold more than 20,000 copies. The most successful was Delphia - The Greek which sold about 45,000. My competitors never sold more than 1,000 of any film."

Credit to Bygoneguy for the original rip.

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