Profile: Chris Jordan

Aka: Kareen Graig, Kareen Craig, Karen Craig, Kathie Christopher
Real Name: Cathy Fitch
Date of Birth: 1947
Place of Birth: Connecticut, USA
Date of Death: 1990
Porn Debut: 1971

Nationality: American
Film Career: 1971-1975

  • Abigail Lesley is Back in Town (1975) 
  • Blue Summer (1973) 
  • Confessions of a Young American Housewife (1975) 
  • Not Just Another Woman (1974)
  • Teenage Hitchhikers (1975)
  • A Touch of Genie (1974)


Chris Jordan with Linda Lovelace
Chris Jordan was born Cathy Fitch in Wilton, Connecticut. During the late 1960s she was involved in experimental theatre, but lack of opportunities meant that by 1971 she had followed her then husband, Eric Edwards (born Rob Everett) into the adult industry. She was pretty and cute with girl-next-door looks – something that really comes across during her final scenes in A Touch of Genie from 1974. 

Unlike some of her peers, Chris could act, and was perhaps best suited for comic roles where she naturally came across as vibrant and upbeat. Despite appearing in a number of hardcore 8mm loops and softcore movies during the early 1970s, she is one of the more elusive women to pass through the porn industry. However, in 2013 Eric Edwards gave an interview where he discussed his former wife at length.

“She came from a fairly wealthy family in Connecticut. They had a beautiful big house with a big, big, big lawn, pond – very nice place. She was cute as a button, very nice – I’m not going to fall in love with someone that isn’t nice! Bubbly is a good term.” [...]


  1. Anonymous21 June, 2014

    Where can one find the second loop?

    1. I have a copy but the quality is so bad I decided not to post it. I'm sure you can find it on the web. The title is 'Fuck the girl scout'. It includes Chris Jordan, Eric Edwards and an unknown guy. No idea what the label is.

    2. Apparently you can find it under the title 'Goo for the girl scout' on x hamster. It's in two parts.


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