EEE: The Foot

Eager, Enthusiastic & Excited: The Foot

Starring: Linda Lovelace, Ginger

Audio: Silent

Released: 1972

There seems to be a bit of a Linda Lovelace vibe going at the moment, so I thought I would post this pre-Deep Throat loop with her. Like most of her early loops it was directed by Bob Wolfe. There is absolutely no story here - Linda appears to be a prostitute paid by another woman that has a foot fetish. It ends with the bizarre sight of this woman's foot ejaculating all over Linda! According to IMDB the other woman is called Ginger, but I have no way of identifying her as you never see her face. The quality is a bit grainy but you can certainly see what is going on.

This is the last Linda Lovelace loop I have that I can ID - other than the notorious one with Eric Edwards and her furry friend, which I will NOT be posting here. If I ever manage to ID the remaining 2-3 loops with her in my archive, I'll upload them in the future.


  1. sorry but the archive need a password.

    1. If you see the tabs on the top right it says that the password for everything on this blog is always: gfox


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