Diverse 695: Dream Goddess

Diverse #695: Dream Goddess

Starring: Seka, Mike Ranger

Audio: Music

Released: 1978

As far as I know this is the third loop Seka ever made. Personally I think she looks gorgeous here. I'm a big Seka fan, but I really love the natural look of her early days. 

The original loop runs for about 10 minutes. This is an expanded version with three minutes of extra footage that I found from other sources. I've re-edited and spliced the two together adding a new soundtrack as the audio no longer fit - extra points for anyone that can identify the music!

Unfortunately the two sources are of different quality and this shows when you play it. Still, this has some really nice scenes missing from the original (check out the amazing smiles in the caps on the right)

Also released as Raffaelli #106

Credit to original scanner


  1. The password gfox for this RAR does not work; can you please suggest other PW's to try? Txs!

    1. Just tested it and the p/w works fine. Try again.

  2. yeah it works fine many thxs

  3. Anonymous28 July, 2014

    Rapid down :-(

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Looks like the account has been shut down. I'll try and re-up.

  4. can you please re-up? Thanks


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