Profile: Tina Russell

Aka: Dianna Baker, Linda Sanderson, Chritina Russel, Angela Snenck
Real Name: Linda Marie Mintzer
Date of Birth: 23/09/1948
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA
Date of Death: 18/05/1981
Porn Debut: 1970

Nationality: American
Height: 5'4" / 1,64m
Film Career: 1970-1975

  • Bacchanale (1970)
  • Big Thing (1973)
  • The Birds and the Beads (1974)
  • The Debauchers (1970)
  • Lady Zazu’s Daughter (1971)
  • Linda Can’t Stop (1973)
  • Madame Zenobia (1973)
  • Sleepy Head (1973)
  • A Touch of Genie (1974)
  • Whatever Happened to Miss September? (1973)


Tina Russell
Tina Russell was born Linda Marie Mintzer on 23 September 1948 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to John H. and Margaret Ditzler Mintzer. She came from a solid middle class background. Her father was an engineer and both parents were Catholics. She had a younger brother and grew up in Amish country, eventually graduating from high school in 1966. 

One high school teacher remembered her as a studious youngster saying, “Linda was a quiet and rather shy child.” She involved herself in extra-curricular activities such as the service organisation for the Future Nurses of America, the high school library club and the swim club. Another teacher described her as “demure, artistic, sweet and sensitive. She was extremely ladylike, and avoided calling attention to herself.” There was nothing in these early years that pointed towards Tina’s later life as one of the East Coast porn industry’s pioneers.

Her introduction to sex was no different to that of most other teenagers. She began experimenting with her first serious boyfriend at 15, and by the time she was 16, “Carl [her boyfriend] and I both found it exciting for me to lie next to him and eat him while he was driving… We finally had intercourse in the beginning of our last year in high school. We would go out parking in the woods and neck; after a couple of hours we’d move to the back of the station wagon… Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy my first fuck…. Most of the time Carl and I went out parking when we fucked… When we could, we did it in his bedroom, his parents’ cabin, my bedroom, or my parents’ living room… However, when we were in each other’s parents’ home, there was always the fear of being found out. We could never take our clothes off and always had to be prepared for a surprise attack.” [...]

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