LB309: Ulla - The Swede

Lasse Braun #309: Ulla - The Swede

Starring: Ulla

Audio: Silent

Released: 1970

This is the third and final loop that make up Lasse Braun's Nymphomania series - I've already posted the first one Delphia - The Greek, and the second, Ky-Sen - The Vietnamese. They were all filmed in Sweden and Denmark in 1970, and according to Lasse they were the most financially successful loops he ever shot.

I've called the blonde model "Ulla". Not much is known about this girl, but you can find a short profile of her that I wrote here. She went on to appear in another three Lasse Braun loops that made up his Vikings series in 1971 - I'll post them at a later date. After that she appears to have vanished from the scene.

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