Scam blogs!

I've found a number of blogs and so-called official porn star sites that are ripping off the loops and biographies I upload here. They look very professional. They're a scam. They upload to premium hosts so that people have to pay to download. I'm not going to provide free advertisement by naming and shaming them here (not that they would care - they're just after your money), but I'm sure you've come across them at some point. These people give the rest of us a bad name.

Everything on this blog is free. I'm just sharing my knowledge and collection with the rest of you. So if you see loops or biographies from here on other blogs and you're asked to pay... well it's got nothing to do with me. Avoid them like the plague.

Rant over!

1 comment:

  1. I dont find mail. But I would like some info from your biographies. I noticed it is under Creative Commons Licence. I will even post source link and name author. Thanks a lot


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