Marilyn Jess at LUFF (2010)


Marilyn Jess with her husband and director Michel Barny (aka Didier Philippe-Gérard) at the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival in 2010. 

Michel Barny directed some of the great classics of early French porn such as Mes nuits avec... Alice, Pénélope, Arnold, Maud et Richard (1976), Les hôtesses du sexe and Délires porno (both 1977). He was also assistant director on some of Marilyn's best early movies like La femme objet and Les petites écolières (both 1980).

Marilyn Jess at LUFF in 2010 - still looking good at 51!

These were taken at another event in 2011. Take a look at what she is reading in the first photo...

Good to see she doesn't seem to have a problem with her porn past!

And here are some photos from the book she is reading, taken in 1980...

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