Profile: Gloria Leonard

Aka: Aria Ola, Gayle Leonard

Real Name: Gail Klinetsky

Date of Birth: 28/08/1940

Place of Birth: New York, USA

Date of Death: 3/2/2014

Porn Debut: 1975

According to sources, Gloria Leonard passed away Monday 3 February 2014 of complications from a stroke she suffered sometime late on 31 January. She reportedly remained in her home in a paralyzed state for nearly 24 hours before being found and rushed to the intensive care unit of North Hawaii Community Hospital, where the stroke was diagnosed and she was put on a ventilator.

Doctors told family members and friends that Leonard lost movement entirely on one side of her body, and had only a slight ability to move with the other half. Her condition while in the hospital continued to deteriorate, and in the late afternoon (Hawaii time) on 3 February, she was taken off life support.

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  1. Stunning woman, I thought she was hot ahead of her time.


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