P-L1B: Three For The Pool

Playmate - Linda #1B: Three For The Pool

Starring: Linda McDowell, David Savage

Audio: Silent

Released: 1973

This is the second loop from the 'Red' Linda McDowell Playmate pack - I've already posted the first loop here. There are a further two loops in the 'Blue' pack that I will be posting at a later date.

The footage here is taken from the movie Helen Bedd (1973) and shows a heavily pregnant Linda having a threesome by the pool before moving indoors and jerking off David Savage until her comes on her face.There is no story, just sex. To be honest even the movie this footage is taken from doesn't have a story to speak of. As far as I am aware Linda retired after shooting Helen Bedd, so this is probably the last on-screen sex scene she ever did.

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