Viva VV-8: The Necrophiliac

Viva VV-8: The Necrophiliac 

Starring: Tina Russell, Jamie Gillis

Audio: Silent

Released: 1974

I found this on another blog. The quality isn't great and despite my best efforts to improve the footage, it's still a bit dark. Still, it's a prettty interesting loop and completely new to me.

The story is this: Jamie visits a funeral home where Tina is lying in her coffin. Jamie opens the coffin and the not-very-dead looking Tina gives him a blowjob. Jamie then proceeds to climb into the coffin and fuck Tina, before apparently having a heart-attack when he comes and collapsing on top of her. The coffin lid then slams shut on top of them both.

I'm a bit confused about the label. It doesn't appear to be part of the existing Viva series, so I'm simply calling it Viva VV to differentiate between the two.

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