Diverse 829: Seka's Sauna

Diverse #829: Seka's Sauna

Starring: Seka, Mike Ranger

Audio: Music

Released: 1980
The original loop is about 14 minutes long. This is the extended version. It includes five minutes of extra footage I found from other souces that wasn't used in the original release. I've re-edited the loop and spliced the two together, adding a new soundtrack as the previous didn't fit.

I love her smile in these stills...


  1. hi, i'm looking after porn soundtrack from 79 to 82, this one is good, you seems to have a big knowledge and a big collection of that kind of music, do you have more soundtrack from that era? i'm really serious i love that, thank you

    1. The music from this loop is from a compilation of 70s disco songs. It seemed to fit the feel of the loop. You can find lots of disco compilations and even collections of porn movie soundtracks if you check out torrent sites like KAT. I don't share music and none of the torrents are mine, but they are easy enough to find.


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